Margarita Mencia Clemente was born in Central Chaparra, Oriente, Cuba on February 22, 1917 to the delight of her parents Pedro Mencia Mosquera and Jalile Mencia Abraham. Mom was one of three sisters, Nasta Abraham "Tia" and Adela Mencia.
Jose Armando Clemente was born in San Manuel, Oriente Cuba on May 28, 1920 to the delight of his parents, Estanislao Clemente Nunez and Julia Tomas Farah. Pop was one of six children. Three boys and three girls. The brothers were Alfonso and Arturo and the sisters were Aida, Aurora and Aleida.
A brief history of our parents:
Mom and Pop had two sons, Amaury the youngest and myself Armando. We were both born in Central Chaparra.
My memories of Central Chaparra are quite accurate and I will never forget my birth place. Chaparra had one of the most productive sugar cane mill, "The Cuban America Sugar Company" in Cuba. Many of the local citizens worked at the mill. Our grandfather, Estanislao "Lao" was the locomotive engineer of engine "25", one of the most powerfull in those days. Today, it sits in display in the sugar mill. I remember the house where we were born "148 calle 6 en Pueblo Viejo".
Picture taken at 139st Broadway NYC 1957
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