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Dedication to Mom and Pops
Table of Contents
Our Family Tree
Family History
Mom Wedding Dress
Myself - Central Chaparra
Mom and Pops Christmas pictures
Mom with Amaury and me ...Me and my children
Children Growing up
Suzette's Graduation
Suzette's Wedding
Cassie at birth
Suzette and Dad
Wedding Pictures
Isabel at birth
Cassie 2004
Isabel's Baptism
Grandaughter Isabel 2004
Tribute page to St. Jude the Apostle October 28
Grandaughter Cassie
Family Pictures
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Coat of Arms
Armando growing up
Our Grandparents
Mom during her Youth
Mom and Pop Wedding
Amaury - Central Chaparra
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Easter 2004
Cassie and Isy
Halloween 2003
Isabel's First Birthday
Cassie's Seventh Birthday
Cassie's Vacation
Armando & Jeannies Wedding
Jammil's 4th Birthday
October 20, 2004
Christmas 2004
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Avery Brianna at birth
Armando Sr. Birthday
Lucky's Page
Alejandro & Susanna's Weddimg
Armando Jose at Birth
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Family Albums
Michael and Desiree's Wedding